Petunia Pickle Bottom

PPB in the News: Pregnancy & Newborn

By August 20, 2014 News


The Petunia Pickle Bottom Stroll was recently featured in Pregnancy & Newborn‘s Fall 2014 Buyer’s Guide.

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Signature Collection

By August 19, 2014 News

Meet the Signature Collection! A sophisticated take on our iconic pattern, and the perfect complement to any outfit or outing. The new Signature Collection weaves iconic PPB pattern into a sleek, softly structured jacquard textile with subtle luster that is sure to be  forever classic. Read More

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Finding Balance

By August 13, 2014 Lifestyle

These days, modern moms everywhere are opting to keep their careers while venturing into motherhood. Petunia Pickle Bottom’s Creative Director, Janelle Key, shares some insight into how she has been able to successfully balance work and home life, all with two little ones.

After 6 weeks maternity leave and another 6 weeks of working from home with my first-born, I’ll never forget the day I had to take her to a childcare provider for my first day back in the office (this was before I worked for Petunia Pickle Bottom). It was heartbreaking. Throughout her first year, I would get home as fast as humanly possible to spend a couple of hours with her before putting her to bed each night.

I was not fortunate enough to have grandparents or relatives who could help us out. My husband was working full-time, too. We asked ourselves what we really needed to do to find balance for our family, and that’s when I decided to make some changes.

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