Mom’s Night Out: New Year’s Eve Style

You managed to book the babysitter in advance, RSVP’d to that fabulous annual party, and you still have energy leftover from the holidays? Cheers to you, indeed! Now, before you and your dashing man head out on a grown-up date night, the last detail to take care of is planning the perfect party outfit. Click through to check out our picks for a sparkly New Year’s Eve getup.

1. SEEING STARS On what other night can you accessorize with such a statement piece? >

2. CAMEO CLUTCH The always chic Petunia Pickle Bottom Black Forest Cake Cameo Clutch is the perfect pairing for your party dress. Shop Cake Clutches>

3. ESTATE INSPIRED An antique-looking bauble adds a dash of drama to the look. Forever 21 >

4. PUCKER UP Prep your pout for that midnight kiss with bright red lipstick. Maybelline >

5. ALL THAT GLITTERS…is in this case most definitely gold. So go bold! Madewell >

6. SPARKLE STRIPES This drop waist shift is flattering and a little fancy, while still comfortable enough to have fun in. Topshop >

top image via derekskey / Flickr Creative Commons
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