Introductions: Birth Announcements That We Adore

In the age of Facebook, Instagram and so many personal blogs, is it still relevant to mail out a birth announcement? If my mailbox is any indication, the answer is yes. While parents might first introduce a new baby to friends and family via a shaky mobile upload straight from the hospital, it seems that they also find it important to later mark the occasion in a more profound—and polished—way.

These days there are enough printed birth announcement options to delight typography snobs and traditionalists alike. And of course there are more digital outlets than ever before, through which you can get a little more creative. Click through to check out a roundup of some of the best birth announcements we’ve come across so far. And tell us: did you, or do you plan to, mail or make official birth announcements for your sweet bundle of joy?

Stylish Snail Mail:

clockwise from top left:
/ The Image Is Found / Minted / Etsy / Rifle Paper Co. for Oh Joy / Brooke Schwab Photography

Video Visionaries:

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