Eating Our Pins: Valentine’s Day Recipes for a Date Night at Home


Valentine’s Day has garnered a reputation for revolving around overpriced gifts and impossible-to-reserve tables at fancy restaurants. But for many parents, true romance is found at home. After the kids have been put to bed, a quiet candlelit dinner—or maybe a delicious meal consumed on the couch in front of your favorite romantic flick—can be more special than all the bistro tables in Paris.

Whether you’re not going out on Valentine’s Day because of logistics, or because you prefer an intimate night in, these love-inspired recipes from our Valentine’s Day Delights Pinterest board are sure to amp up the romance of your stay-in date. Bon appetit, Valentines!

Check our top picks for Valentine’s day treats and other homemade eats after the jump.

1. Heart-Shaped Salmon and Shrimp Maki? Drool! via Culinary Adventures of a New Wife
2. Four Cheese, Heart-Shaped Ravioli would make a perfect homemade dinner entree. via Annie’s Eats
3. A cup of Red Velvet Hot Cocoa with Cream Cheese Whipped Cream would be a perfect treat to snuggle up with by the fire while making googly eyes at the one you love. via Une Deux Senses
4. Heart-Shaped Iced Lavender Lemon Shortbread Cookies would certainly satisfy any sweet tooth. via Montcarte
5. Eggs-In-A-Heart Toast would be the sweetest breakfast in bed. via Could I Have That
6. If you’re feeling ambitious, Heart-Shaped Ispahan Macarons are a gorgeous dessert option for the sweetest day of the year. via Mad Baker
7. Heart-Shaped Personal Pizzas are a delicious way to say “I love you.” via Once Upon a Cutting Board

P.S. Check out all of our romantic Valentine’s Day inspirations, including fashion, crafts and a ton more sweet recipes, on our VALENTINE’S DAY DELIGHTS Pinterest board!

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