Mom’s Night Out: Valentine’s Day Date Style


Earlier this week we talked about how nice it can be to stay in for a cozy homemade meal on Valentine’s Day, and we shared a ton of recipes for heart-shaped sweets and eats. However, if you do find yourself in the position that you and your Valentine are able to leave the little ones with a sitter and hit the town for a romantic night out, then by all means, mama, get dressed up and do it in style!

Click through to check out our picks for flirty and romantic Valentine’s date style.dotted line

1.GLITTER BOMB Sweep your bangs aside with a bit of sparkle and add a playful pink lip for extra romance points. >

2. FLOWERING FIRENZE Take the essentials with you in PPB’s versatile and compact Cross Town Clutch, featuring the new, Valentine’s-friendly Flowering Firenze print. Shop Cross Town Clutches >

3. A TOUCH OF GLAMOR  Forgo pink or red nail polish and add grown-up glamor to the look with gold. Essie >

4. SKY HIGH Coral faux suede platforms add a vintage touch to the look—and they’re easier to walk in than stilettos, in case you’re out of practice. Asos >

5. FLATTERING FIT Look flirtatious while still feeling comfortable in this sweetly feminine apricot-toned dress. ModCloth >

6.CUPID STRIKES AGAIN Polish off the Valentine’s look with this etched bronze True Love ring. Anthropologie >

P.S. Check out all of our romantic Valentine’s Day inspirations, including more fashion, crafts and a ton of sweet recipes, on our VALENTINE’S DAY DELIGHTS Pinterest board!


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