Crafting with DeNai: DIY Painted Feather Chandelier


Inspired by the bright and playful colors of the new Spring Collection, Petunia Pickle Bottom Founder & Designer (and Crafter-in-Chief) DeNai Jones recently spruced up Petunia HQ by making a DIY chandelier draped with painted and paper fringe feathers.

Click through for DeNai’s step-by-step tutorial on how to make a DIY painted feather chandelier, as well as some other feathered projects.

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- ceiling hanging apparatus (DeNai used an existing chandelier with hanging bare bulbs, but anything from an
embroidery hoop to a spray painted hula hoop would do)
- white craft feathers
- colored cardstock (DeNai used two different neons for variety, but the possibilities are endless)
- spray paint (Montana Cans brand acrylic spray paint proved to have much better coverage than the high gloss
hardware variety, plus a huge color selection)
- fishing wire
- tools (hole punch, scissors, pencil, x-acto knife, cutting mat, tape)
- cardboard for stencil
- optional, for decorative arrows: sticks or small branches and colored twine



Other projects

In addition to hanging the feathers from a chandelier, strands of feathers can be hung from a curtain rod to decorate windows for a party. DeNai also made decorative arrows by attaching both the painted feathers and the paper fringe feathers to 20-inch long sticks with tape, then wrapping the tape with colored twine.


Photography by Allison Gibson for Petunia Pickle Bottom
Crafting by DeNai Jones
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