PPB in the News: Mini Magazine

“We cannot get enough of this festive, bold color and print (Notting Hill Stop) from Petunia Pickle Bottom” – Mini Magazine p. 77

See if you can spot our Beginnings Baby Record Book elsewhere in the issue!

“Petunia Pickle Bottom is a Mommy Chic regular and now with their new tech and travel cases, you can fit more Petunia inside your boxy backpack, satchel, tote, or carryall! We can never get enough of the bold, modern prints, especially the Notting Hill Stop in its vibrant coral hue. And the travel cases, like the Travel Train Case, would make a great gift to a fellow mama or for yourself — after all, it is the holiday season! ‘Tis the season for more Petunia goodies, don’t you agree?” – Mini Magazine

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