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Hello Fall 2016

By July 25, 2016 Lifestyle, News & Events


Popular wedding photographers, who call Los Angeles, CA home, this family of three loves the constant adventure of their camera-led world travels—especially now that their son, Dash, is along for the ride. Max and Margeaux’s ever playful spirit carries into their photography, as they focus on sharing the sweet and colorful moments they find through the lens and on their escapades.



Hiking, camping, laughing and dancing. These are just a few of the things this happy family of four enjoys together. Ben and Paige, a talented photography duo, fondly remember the special traditions of their childhood, and are excited to provide this sort of joy for their children, daughter, Milo and son, Ruckus, and create new traditions as their own family unit.



Jacqui and Dan, a Southern California couple who have turned an unthinkable loss into inspiration, are carrying on the legacy of their son’s bright and loving light through her Baby Boy Bakery business and charitable work benefiting children. They recently welcomed new baby girl, Mila, who has already brought great joy to her family with her smiling, sunny disposition.




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Announcing the Upcoming Release of the 3rd Petunia Studio Project

By July 12, 2016 News & Events

NEON POP, Arriving July 26


The Petunia Studio is pleased to release its third limited edition Downtown Tote outfitted in a vibrant textile from the French design house, Malhia Kent. Neon Pop is a bold, woven mashup of bright color, texture, and unconventional spirit. This exceptional fabric paired with our classic tote silhouette is a tastemaker’s dream, but will only be available while supplies last. Be sure to follow us on Instagram or sign up to be alerted of its launch, so you can be sure to get your hands on one of these exclusive totes.


About Malhia Kent

With a heritage rooted in Parisian couture, and the fabrics of Coco Chanel, Malhia Kent is renowned for its exceptionally original textiles. Placing absolute importance on creativity, their looms are some of the only ones still able to fully realize a designer’s vision by weaving with unique elements like feathers, glitter or ribbons, to create fabrics of artistic masterpiece. And once a particular design is used, whether for the runway or prêt-à-porter, it is catalogued, and not used again.


The extraordinary offerings of the Petunia Studio will be available in limited quantity, exclusively on These highly collectible items will sell out, so be sure you have early access by signing up to receive our emails.

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Meet Lex Brinton

By May 10, 2016 Inspiration, Lifestyle

Half of the creative duo of Brinton films, Lex is a talented videographer from San Diego, CA. This free-spirited mother has a passion for fun and adventure, which she shares with her son Arrow every chance she gets.

“As parents, the one thing that you want to do for your children is to protect them. Above all else, all I want to do is protect my children. When I was 20 weeks pregnant with our son Arrow, they told us that he has spina bifida and would be paralyzed from the waist down upon being born. They proceeded to tell us a whole bunch of other scary things that we chose to ignore. In that moment, my dreams of protecting my child had shattered. I had to accept the fact that he was going to have to endure hard things. One week after receiving that news, Loren and I took off on a 5 week work trip. In that moment, traveling went from being leisurely fun to therapy. For Loren and I, there is no happier place for us than on the open road. We knew that regardless of Arrow’s outcome we had to share this passion of ours with him.

Arrow was born on August 19, 2013. He underwent massive back surgery at 1 day old, his first brain surgery at 4 days old, 2nd brain surgery at 2 weeks old and shunt surgery at 3 weeks old. He had to be prone (on his tummy) for the first 6 weeks of his life… so diaper changing on his tummy, sleeping on his tummy and no car seats. I don’t talk about any of this for sympathy, but for praise in how resilient my son is. We were wracked with so much fear during my pregnancy and first few months of his life (and if I am going to be honest, every day of our lives) that we wanted to make up for that fear with making as many memories as possible together as a family. At 3 months old we went on our first road trip to Arizona. At 4 months old we took Arrow on his first flight to New York. Within the first year of his life, he went on more than 50 flights and I don’t know how many road trips.”


As we travel, we hear a lot of people say “it’s awesome that your son travels everywhere with you…. but it’s unfortunate that he is never going to remember any of this.” I’ve never once thought that way. My only thoughts are that these are the years where his experiences are defining him. I have no doubt that he is going to grow up with a desire to travel, explore, meet new people and try new things all because of this adolescent traveling that he may or may not ever remember.

While traveling with Arrow, I am a lot more aware of fellow parents around. I see them wrestling their kids, stressed getting them on and off of public transportation, nervous about them crying, nervous about germs, etc. All I can say is keep traveling! Push through it. These moments will pass, your children will grow up and all you will be left with are beautiful memories. One day Arrow will grow up and hopefully think his dad and mom are so cool for taking him on all of our adventures… because, after all, they wouldn’t be adventures without him by our side.”



PPB Quick 3:  (or maybe it’s Quick 4… )
A happy family does…. not compare themselves to others.
A fun family plays… music and has constant dance parties.
Our family likes to… eat!
Our family spends time… going to the beach, going on bike rides, eating donuts & pizza, having dance parties and traveling. 

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