Introducing the PPB 2013 Layette Collection!



There is really no announcement cuter than this: the Petunia Pickle Bottom 2013 Layette Collection has officially launched! With a variety of playful new prints for baby girls, baby boys and plenty that look fantastic on all babies, the collection will keep your little one cozy and comfortable in all climates.

New this season we’ve introduced our Mix-and-Match option so that you can create your own cozy combinations out of all of our little organic cotton separates—including short-sleeve and long-sleeve bodysuits, footed union suits, pants, socks and swaddling blankets. And of course we’re offering several of our new patterns in the ever-popular Snuggle Set and Social Set boxed options for the ultimate in gift-giving.

Take a look at the irresistibly cute new Layette Collection at

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PPB Reader Poll: Labor & Birth Photography


Whether it takes place at the hospital with a doctor, at home with a midwife, or in a taxi stuck in rush hour traffic, your birth story is entirely unique to you and your family. While it’s an intensely personal event, and you’ll likely remember your labor and delivery the rest of your life, many parents choose to invite a labor and birth photographer along on the big day to document the momentous occasion—to capture the moments of utter pain and tremendous joy.

One of our very own Petunias is expecting her first baby in July, and she’s particularly curious to hear whether those who’ve already been through a birthing experience would recommend labor and birth photography. She shares her thoughts here:

I’m so excited to meet our baby in a few months! With a plan to have my midwife, doula and loving husband present at the birth, I’m not too keen on the idea of inviting another person into the space. At the same time, I can imagine that I might regret it later if I don’t have any visual documentation of my family’s first moments together.

I know that there’s a third way: I can ask my husband or doula to take pictures along the way, but I fear that that would distract my husband from being truly present as a participant in the experience. And, truthfully, being a photographer myself I hesitate to put the responsibility of capturing these moments on somebody like my lovely doula who may not be very familiar with a DSLR camera. Is that silly? Petty? Maybe. I would love to hear the thoughts of those with experience!

While many of us here have our own stories and thoughts to share, we’re asking you, dear readers, to weigh in. Did you have professional or semi-professional labor and birth photographs taken of your baby’s birth? Did you snap your own shots along the way? Did you forgo taking photographs in favor of keeping the memory of the big day solely in your minds and hearts? Please share your thoughts on labor and birth photography in the comments below. And if you too are planning to give birth for the first time, please share any plans you have for documenting the experience.

home-birth-photography-brooke-schwab-6 home-birth-photography-brooke-schwab-17

photos: header via The Daybook; above via Brook Schwab Photography






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Layette Sale!


Head over to now through March 4th to shop our Layette Sale and save up to 50% on some of our favorite pieces from the Layette collection, including dresses, rompers and gift sets made of the softest organic cotton. Plus, get free shipping on any purchase at that includes Layette!

It’s a perfect time to stock up and save on sweet style for your precious bundles! Shop the sale >

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