Good Taste: Seasonal Goodies


Okay, it’s mid-November and officially appropriate to start geeking-out over all things Holiday—right? One of the things about the holiday season that we most look forward to every year (and which we believe one can never start too early) is baking sweet holiday treats.

While we do have our go-to, classic seasonal goodies, we also love to find new recipes to try each year. After all, there are enough parties and potlucks to attend that it’s fun to mix up your recipe repertoire. Click through to get the details on four sweet holiday treats we’re looking forward to making. And tell us: what recipes have you reaching for the baking sheet this season? Read More

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Coconut Carrot Muffins & Veggie Baked Eggs


“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” — Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto

I recently had the pleasure of attending a local Coffee & Cooking Class hosted by Courtney Graham of Whole Diligence. Courtney is a big advocate of using fresh, local, in-season ingredients—and of working vegetables into every single meal. She introduced us to the above Michael Pollan quote during our class, after all.

With three young children who not only eat their veggies regularly but actually like them, Courtney has mastered the art of cooking veggies. At this class, she introduced us to two delicious and nutritious recipes and also shared suggestions for sourcing fresh produce and local ingredients.

Click through to get the recipes for Courtney’s delicious Coconut Flour Carrot Muffins and Baked Eggs with Veggies—both fun and easy ways to serve your family the vegetables they need! Read More

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Eating Our Pins: Valentine’s Day Recipes for a Date Night at Home


Valentine’s Day has garnered a reputation for revolving around overpriced gifts and impossible-to-reserve tables at fancy restaurants. But for many parents, true romance is found at home. After the kids have been put to bed, a quiet candlelit dinner—or maybe a delicious meal consumed on the couch in front of your favorite romantic flick—can be more special than all the bistro tables in Paris.

Whether you’re not going out on Valentine’s Day because of logistics, or because you prefer an intimate night in, these love-inspired recipes from our Valentine’s Day Delights Pinterest board are sure to amp up the romance of your stay-in date. Bon appetit, Valentines!

Check our top picks for Valentine’s day treats and other homemade eats after the jump. Read More

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