Eating Our Pins: Fresh Finger Foods

finger foods

After the long, lazy days of summer, fall often seems like it’s a season set on fast-forward. We’re always on the hunt this time of year for kid-friendly snack foods that are both nutritious and, in the interest of time, don’t require a table setting or utensils.

We’ve rounded up some of the best hands-on bites for busy little ones and their nutrition-minded moms. Click through to take a peek at our Pinterest-plucked picks—and tell us: what fun and fresh finger foods are you feeding your little ones this fall? Read More

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Homemade How-To: Fresh, Organic Baby Food

baby Food_header

Our go-to healthy eating guru, Courtney Graham of Whole Diligence, is at it again. This time she’s dishing all about homemade baby food and, as usual, she’s a wealth of knowledge.

Click through to get Courtney’s tips for what fresh, seasonal ingredients to use when preparing healthy homemade baby food as well as what tools and tricks of the trade can help make the job easier. Your babies and your bank account will thank you for taking up the task of preparing fresh, organic food at home! Read More

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All About Juicing

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As we recently shared, we are big fans of all-star mom and healthy-living guru Courtney Graham of Whole Diligence. Courtney’s fun and easy approach to feeding her family healthy, locally grown food is inspiring, and we’ve been lucky enough to learn from her at her cooking classes–for instance when we learned all about veggies and snagged the recipes for her easy and delicious Coconut Carrot Muffins and Veggie Baked Eggs. Today we want to focus on what we’ve learned from Courtney about juicing.

While many people might think of only fruit when they first think of juicing, it’s actually a great way to get a whole lot of veggies into one delicious, easy-to-drink glass. And as we’ve already learned from Courtney, you can never eat enough veggies! Juice is best consumed fresh, straight from the juicer into the glass. But you can also send it along with your kids in their school lunch or freeze it in popsicles for a treat later on. Courtney is hesitant to recommend a specific model of juicer, but rather says that there are several great ones on the market at different price points. Here are some good reviews of juicers by Mommies With Style’s Kate Bayless and a thoughtful review of several juicers by The Wirecutter‘s Brian Lam.

Click through to get Courtney’s tips for juicing as well as her favorite delicious (and surprising) recipes! Read More

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