Design Unraveled: How PPB Prints are Designed


If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or if you’re a longtime fan, you might already be acquainted with Petunia Pickle Bottom Founder & Designer, DeNai Jones. All of us here at PPB think of DeNai as the heart of the company—the kind creative with gorgeous blonde hair, impeccable style and an unrivaled knack for crafting. But above all else, DeNai is the creative force behind the iconic prints and fabrics that grace PPB bags, baby clothes and accessories.

We are often asked how Petunia Pickle Bottom prints are designed. So, to celebrate the new 2013 Spring Collection, we thought it would be fun to share the story of our prints and fabrics with you. Click through for pictures of the talented design team’s process as well as a video interview with DeNai. Read More

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