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Can I purchase replacement parts for my Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag?
We do have replacement parts (changing pad, straps, wipes case, etc.) for most of our bags. Please give our friendly customer service a call at 877-773-8864 for assistance placing an order.
Can you ship my order internationally?
While we do not ship internationally at this time, we do have a large network of distributors across the world. Feel free to use our store locator to see if a boutique in your area carries Petunia Pickle Bottom.
Is there a warranty on my Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag?
Petunia Pickle Bottom takes great pride in the quality of all our products, so we are pleased to offer a Craftsmanship Guarantee. If you have experienced a problem with our product, please send a picture of the issue along with your contact information to [email protected], and we’ll determine whether your product is eligible for a repair, replacement or refund. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 877-773-8864.
Can I wash my Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag?
  • The recommended care for our Brocade and Chenille fabric bags is short-cycle dry cleaning.
  • The recommended care for our Glazed, Signature, Organic Cotton and Embossed Bags is to spot clean with a damp cloth and air dry.
  • The recommended care for our Cake bags is to spot clean with a damp cloth. You may also dry clean using short cycle dry cleaning.
  • The lining of the bags can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.

We do not recommend that you wash your bag. We take a lot of pride and care in our selection and development of what we feel to be some of the most beautiful fabrics available today. Many of these fabrics are made out of more delicate fibers such as silk / rayon blend or high end Italian tapestries which require extra TLC. Washing your bag will result in an unfavorable variation of the surface of the fabric, lessening the beauty and the shine of it. Washing will also cause the interfacing (stabilizing structure of the bag) to break down resulting in a lessening of the stiffness of the structure of the bag.

Can I wash my Petunia Pickle Bottom baby blanket?

The care label for the receiving blanket is located on the bottom side seam to the left of the Petunia Pickle Bottom logo label. When laundering, use a delicate cycle in cold water and line dry. The fabric may vary slightly after washing. For best results we recommend that you remove the blanket from the wash immediately and hang to dry. Do not place in dryer.

The care label for the Organic Cotton Swaddle Blanket is located on the bottom side of the blanket. Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low.

Can I wash my changing pad?
The detachable changing pad can be hand washed in cold water with mild soap. Lay flat to dry. To remove excess moisture gently roll the changing pad between 2 towels to absorb moisture. Unroll and remove towels before laying flat to dry.
Why is my dry cleaner nervous to dry clean my bag?
We discovered that some dry cleaners are hesitant to dry clean our diaper bags due to the internal stabilizers used in the manufacturing process. They are hesitant because they can't physically see the stabilizer that is sewn between two other fabrics and cannot know how it will react to the dry cleaning process. However, this product has been extensively tested and the stabilizer does not break down during the dry cleaning process. For best results, request a short-cycle or dry-cycle at your local dry cleaning facility.
Can the fabric be Scotch Guarded?
While Scotch Guard does work to repel liquids that are damaging to the fabric, it is not non-toxic and therefore we do not recommend its use. On some fabrics it can also cause a ripple effect when applied.
What size Sling do I need?

Correct sizing for Slings by Petunia; is essential for the comfort and safety of both mom and baby. If you have a PPB sling that is too big your baby will not feel secure and you will risk back and shoulder discomfort. If your PPB sling is too small you will have difficulty getting your baby in or may feel like your breathing is constricted. Slings by Petunia® are designed to fit snug but not too snug. The Sling by Petunia; is designed to fit the person wearing it. Use this size chart to help determine the proper size.

To find the above measurements, use a soft measuring tape to measure the distance from one shoulder to the opposite hip bone by measuring diagonally across your body. For the above chest measurement, measure the full circumference just under your armpits and above(not over) the fullest part of your bust. Men sizing follows the same guidelines.

How will I know I have the proper size sling?
With your baby inside the sling, the lowest part of the baby's body should be hitting you right at your hip bone or slightly above. If the sling is riding below your hip, your sling is too big. The sling should fit snugly with baby inside but if you feel uncomfortable wearing it with baby because it feels too tight, your sling is too small. You want the sling to be snug but not too snug.

How do I wear my Sling by Petunia®?

How to put it on: Fold the pouch into itself to make a two-layer tube. Find the curved-seamed end. This will be at your hip and toward the front. Put your arm through the sling and pull the folded edge over your head to rest on your opposite shoulder. The curved end should be down, sitting just above your belly button. The open side of the tube should be facing up.

How to remove child: Pull sling onto shoulder to make room underneath for baby to come through. Slip baby's head out of the bottom/back into your arm. Grab baby's back and bottom with your arm and hand.



  1. While wearing sling, hold baby in a seated position facing out.
  2. Using your free arm, open sling away from your body.
  3. Align baby's bottom with the seam on sling (look for the PPB logo) and lower baby into the pouch first, tuck baby's legs in.
  4. Then, open sling enough to allow the baby's head to rest against your body.
  5. Secure placement and comfort of baby by checking that both sides of the fabric cradle the baby.



  1. With sling on, align seam of sling (look for the PPB logo) with your belly button.
  2. With baby facing you, hold in a "tucked" position against your chest.
  3. Lower baby into sling bottom first so that his/her feet are against your stomach (legs can be crossed for comfort).
  4. Adjust the outer fold of the sling to support the baby's back while ensuring the under fold is up against your chest. Baby will be in a deeply "seated" position, tummy to tummy.



  1. With sling on, align seam of sling (look for PPB logo) with your belly button.
  2. Hold baby high on opposite shoulder.
  3. With your free arm, hold sling away from body and slide baby through, feet first.
  4. Align seam with baby's bottom.
  5. Find the inner layer and place baby in a seated position between the fold of the fabric (creating a seat).
  6. Position baby so he/she is sitting at and straddling your hip.
  7. Support the baby by pulling the outer fold of the fabric high up on the baby's back while ensuring the under fold is up against the back of the baby's knees. The baby will be "seated" with its bottom lower than its knees (important positioning to ensure comfort and proper circulation for baby's legs).

Safety warnings for Slings by Petunia®

SUFFOCATION RISK if baby is positioned incorrectly or if sling does not fit properly. Pay careful attention to airflow, particularly when using the sling to hold a young baby or if you have large breasts. Check to ensure that the baby's airway is not blocked and that the baby is breathing at all times. Do not leave sling wrapped around an unattended infant.

  • Do not place more than one baby at a time in the sling.
  • Do not use if baby exceeds 25 pounds.
  • Keep one arm around baby's back at all times for support and balance. If you must bend over, bend from your knees and not your waist.
  • Use care when walking through doorways or moving around sharp edges, corners or other hazards while wearing baby in sling.
  • Be aware of the baby at all times. Remember that the baby is not strapped in and can climb out or grab dangerous or breakable objects off of shelves and walls.
  • Do not cook, smoke, drink hot beverages or use power tools, sharp objects, etc. while carrying baby in sling.
  • Do not use the sling while exercising or performing any kind of strenuous activity.
  • The sling is not a substitute for a car seat in a moving vehicle.
  • Do not use the sling as a purse or carry anything in it other than a baby.
  • Always inspect the sling for tears or other damage before each use.
  • Read all sizing and usage instructions carefully before using.
Safety warnings for Baby Carriers by Petunia®
  • Please refer to your Baby Carrier Manual for directions on how to use your carrier.
  • Only use this Baby Carrier for babies from 21" (53 cm) and 8 lb (3.5 kg)
    up to 22 lb (10 kg).
  • Baby must face towards you until he or she can hold head upright.
  • This Baby Carrier is designed for use by adults while walking only.
  • Always use the Baby Carrier with the lining installed (for Walkabout Baby Carrier Only.)
  • Adjust leg openings to smallest possible size.
  • Small babies can fall through a leg opening.
  • For babies 8-11 lb (3.5-5 kg) the infant leg button must be used.
  • Hold baby close to you until securely fastened in the carrier.
  • Make sure baby is properly positioned with the legs straddling the seat and both
    arms extending through the armholes.
  • Check to ensure all buckles, snaps, straps and adjustments
    are secure before each use.
  • Pull all straps tightly around your body.
  • Suffocation risk if baby is positioned incorrectly or if Carrier does not fit properly.
  • Never lie down with baby in Baby Carrier.
  • Inspect the Baby Carrier regularly for any signs of wear and
    tear before each use.
  • Do not unfasten the torso belt while baby is in the Carrier.
  • Do not exercise while wearing the Carrier.
  • Use care around hot, sharp, or hazardous objects. Baby can grab objects.
  • How do I register my Baby Carrier?
  • To register your Baby Carrier click here.
  • I lost my manual for my Petunia Baby Carrier.  Where can I find a new one?
  • You can download a manual for your carrier here -
    Sightseer Carrier click here
    TourGuide Carrier click here
    Walkabout Carrier click here