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Wistful Weekender in Classically Crete

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Love Love Love Review by kM

I don't have children but still adore this bag for its traveling assistance. On the airplane or in the back seat of my car this bag just makes sense.

(Posted on 3/23/13)

Love, Love it! Review by KLT

Each family member has their own weekender and we love them! They are the perfect overnight bag for a getaway to Grandma's House! We pack ours full to take to the beach, camping and out for the day!

(Posted on 3/20/13)

Love this!! Perfect for multiples! Review by Emily

I never leave reviews, ever! I must love this bag to take the time out of the day to write a review with 2 newborns :) It's perfect!! I have a different color, brown and yellow.
I promised myself when I found out I was pregnant with twins that I would find a perfect diaper bag and double stroller. Diaper Bag I have found in this one!!! Still working on that stroller. If you saw this bag at first you would think, it's to big! Not at all. Its really a good size for anyone with 1 child, like me 2 and my sister which has 3 children all differnt ages. It fits great down in every stoller I have tried and it's not bulky at all too carry on your shoulder whereever you go. It seems like it forms to your body. My husband even like to carry it and he is NOT a bag carrier at all.
For my twins, I can fit a couple changes of clothes, diapers (enough for all day with them) box of wipes, blankets- everything you would need. Even works as there overnight bag to thier grandparents! The only thing is- I only put 2 bottles per child in here, the rest I keep in a separate bag. Summer time I may could fit more, but there blankets- that I like take up a good amount of room. Plus I like to use one of the inside pockets for keys, my wallet, Ipad, etc.
This really is a must have. I willl keep it even when my babies do not need it anymore. I'll use it like crazy for myself. I am buying more colors. :)
This really is a must have. I am very picky about my bags, luggage, purses. All my friends call me the bag lady cause I always carry about 4 into work!!
Hope this helps!
THANKS Petunia Pickle Bottom! For making a bigger diaper bag. They probably were not thinking of people with more than one child, because its considered a weekender but it's made my life so much easier!!

(Posted on 3/20/13)

3 Item(s)

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