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What makes for a unique diaper bag?

Before Petunia Pickle Bottom first arrived on scene, diaper bags were tailored to tiny tots everywhere. As soon as the wildly successful Boxy Backpack was invented, women began making a swift shift from the current diaper bag on their arm to the more unique diaper bag option that Petunia Pickle Bottom offered. Our bags are designed with the modern mom in mind. Each one is smartly suited to their every whim. No matter the need, our diaper bags are practical and come in dozens of delightful designs.

The Boxy Backpack is just one of our unique diaper bag silhouettes. Another cherished choice among moms is the Abundance Boxy Backpack! This unique diaper bag is sure to make any mom feel perfectly prepared with plenty of pockets, secure snaps, and a magnetic closure. Another popular pick is the Cross Town Clutch. It offers the convenience of Petunia Pickle Bottom’s other diaper bags, but is a more compact silhouette that is superb for trips across town and back!

All of our unique diaper bags come with a changing pad and a monogrammed plastic wipes case!

Shop our entire collection of sleek, chic, and unique diaper bags and find the perfect bag today!