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About Petunia Pickle Bottom

At Petunia Pickle Bottom, we delight in bringing fearless style and sophistication to the world of modern motherhood with bold patterns and smart design, and have been doing so since the year 2000. Led by the creativity and inspiration of our Founder, DeNai Jones, our vibrant brand offers versatile, thoughtfully designed products for all mothering necessities. From backpacks and shoulder bags, to travel bags, satchels and totes, Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags are well-crafted, clever and ready for any outing, from baby to beyond. Constantly in development with new ways to make a day out with littles effortless, our collection is rounded out by colorfully coordinating, easily transportable accessories, like nursing covers, portable changing kits, cosmetics cases, pacifier and bottle holders and wallets to keep essentials at the ready and easily accessible.

Today, as a brand beloved of mothers the world over, we are so thankful we get to bring wit and wherewithal to parenting with bold color, playful prints and products that celebrate the joy and adventure of motherhood. It truly is a wondrous and wonderful journey. Drop us a line at [email protected] or follow us on Instagram @petuniapicklebottom to join in on the fun.

About the founders

Denai Jones

Hi, I’m DeNai Jones, Founder and Designer of Petunia Pickle Bottom. I started PPB before I had kids, so this really was my first “baby.” I had the idea to create a stylish diaper bag with a built-in changing station, as I realized there truly wasn’t anything on the market made with a mother’s sense of style in mind that was still very functional. Having always been an artist and maker, I took to a sketchbook and drew out my first design. After a lot of thought and tons of research, I took a leap of faith and started out my little business in a small, crowded “catch all” loft above my parent’s garage, where I stayed up all hours of the night tracing and cutting pattern pieces to make bags to order. It was both exhausting and thrilling! Today, my business is not so little and I have two big boys of my own, (Sutton, 10 and Miller, 8), but my inspiration and desire to bring the best products to mothers remains just as strong as it did when I first got started.

Braden Jones

I’m Braden Jones, Co-Founder of Petunia Pickle Bottom, husband to the beautiful and talented DeNai Jones and father to our two awesome, adventurous boys. As a kid, while the rest of my friends were off skateboarding or surfing on Saturday mornings, I was busy running my first business harvesting, packing and selling macadamia nuts at the local Farmer’s Market. Since that experience as a young boy, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and started a handful of businesses before landing squarely on Petunia Pickle Bottom alongside my wife. A world explorer, adventurer, surfer, rider, fisherman and someone who prefers being outside in general, this business has led me far and wide, but has kept me grounded and allowed me to do the things I enjoy doing, with someone I enjoy being with - everyday.

Korie Conant

Hello! I’m Korie Conant, CMO and Co-Owner of Petunia Pickle Bottom. I partnered with PPB in its early years, helping DeNai grow the company with my love for marketing, branding and public relations. Best of friends with DeNai since high school, we’ve always had a deep understanding of each other and have leveraged our differing strengths and weaknesses to build our business. Today, as a mother of two boys, (Beckett, 8 and Brixton, 5), and wife to a wonderful husband, I am thankful for all the hard work and hats I wore to get PPB off the ground - it more than prepared me for the many challenges of motherhood! I love that I get to be a part of an industry that celebrates this special time in a woman’s life, and part of a brand that makes products for mothers (and fathers!) in such a thoughtful, unique way. We work hard every day to bring a little extra to the world of Life With Baby, and we stand behind everything we make. That feels really good.