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"We cherish being able to assist parents with the purchase of their nursery furniture to those forgotten "must-haves" after delivery."

The tinkling of baby rattles and squeaky shoes, the scents of powder candles and loving lotions...You need to visit Sassy Babies in their sweet boutique.

What prompted you to open Sassy Babies?

What could be better than waking up every morning and going to "work" at a place that you are passionate about and truly love. I love being surrounded by babies and happy people shopping for them daily. Nothing brings universal happiness like a sweet new baby. New parents, grandparents or friends…it doesn't matter, they all have a smile around a new baby. The senses come alive with the tinkling of rattles and squeaky shoes, the scents of powder candles and loving lotions, and the sight of pastel blankets so soft and comfortable you wish they came in adult sizes. Living life to the fullest includes having these senses constantly in use and what better place to use them than in our sweet boutique.

What about your business brings you the most satisfaction?

I love being involved with mothers from pre-pregnancy on. I love having first time grandmothers-to-be come in full of excitement.  We cherish being able to assist parents with the purchase of their nursery furniture to those forgotten "must-haves" after delivery. Our greatest compliment is when a customer brings in their friends and family and you hear them walking around the store saying "look at this, and you have to see these." We have loved getting to know our customers and their families and consider them a part of our family as well.

How do you set yourself apart from the competition? Any special events? A niche you focus on?

Our Special Events are my favorite part. We are privileged to be part of a beautiful historic village of old homes, each with their own special story. In this village we have lots of reasons to celebrate and party. I'm not talking a raffle or a little door prize; I'm talking full on costumes and make-up: the kind of parties where people fly in, get the limo ready, all out Girls-Night-Out parties! These include two "Moonlight Madness" events in which we stay open until midnight! We know those new moms don't have a normal sleep schedule anyway, so why not keep them occupied when their eyes are wide open. We have lots of events that gain national attention such as our Beach Party, Witches Night Out and our Elf Party for Christmas. We also have a "Queen of our Hearts" event in February that is our way of giving back to our customers and letting them know how much they mean to us. We get heart-designed items and dress as queens and princesses and last year we even had the candles and rose petals lining the entrance. Chocolate was also a big part of this event. Overall, we treat our customers like they really mean something to us, more than just sales and statistics, we like having them around and they know it.

Top 5 things people are buying today and why?

We sell a large variety of items but the most popular tend to be those that carry tradition with them. Diaper bags, Christening outfits, anything to do with playtime or pictures, hair accessories, and shoes, shoes, shoes. Diaper bags are popular for numerous reasons. First is the obvious reason, everything a new parent needs can be put into pockets and stored in a transportable bag that is functional on the inside and fits their personal style on the outside. Diaper bags aren't just for wipes and burp clothes though, our customers fall in love with bags and make many trips back to visit them before taking the excited leap of purchasing them. Bags in different shapes and colors are appealing because everyone wants to be unique. Within families the tradition plays a roll, sisters like to give each other opinions on diaper bags, which ones fit their frame or body type. Women like to be comfortable with their diaper bags, nice straps and soft material helps to accomplish this. Petunia Pickle Bottom is our best seller hands down. That says a lot, we live in Utah…the most births per capita in the U.S. We love the selection and our favorites are the Cake bags, they are yummy enough to eat. Bath toys, puzzles, and stuffed animals are just the beginning of a toy chest soon to be over flowing. Toys equal happy kids…end of story.

Your favorite product or brand at the moment? Why?

Petunia Pickle Bottom of course! My personal favorite is the Cosmopolitan Carryall in Midnight Blackberry. I was heartbroken when it was discontinued this past spring, however I am excited to see what new patterns come out this fall. Petunia never disappoints. Another personal favorite is the Foxpaws Zebra peep-toe, a must-have staple for any pint sized little diva.

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